Although it isn't my strong suit, I've gotten quite a few requests this year asking me to shoot portraits, primarily for senior pictures. The more I've done, the more I've realized that I actually love it. It's fun to try and capture somebody's personality in an image, and it gives me opportunity to be creative and break norms of what is typical. 

Another element that I like to showcase in senior portraits is individual passions. Eric (Right) is a fantastic sprinter, and I wanted to make this apparent in a few of his shots. A great way of doing this seemed to be wearing a uniform and showing off some hardware in the middle of Korfanta Field.

Sawyer (bottom) has the heart of a true Wyoming cowboy, and we incorporated his horse and apparel into a few shots. I also gave his pics more of a soft, flat edit in order to give them a real western feel. 

In portraits, I love incorporating elements of the local landscape. I want seniors to one day look back at their pictures and be reminded of those awesome days spent in Pinedale. I want them to almost feel the cool water of Fremont Lake rushing against their skin and hear the eagles screeching through the valley of Sacred Rim. 

For Teegan's pictures (above), us and a couple friends made the journey out to Sacred Rim for sunrise. My goal was to capture as much landscape as possible while keeping the focus on her. I feel like the stoke of the moment really came through, and I'm happy with the results.

For Senddey's shoot, we went to one of my favorite campfire spots on North Fremont Lake. I told him to wear red, and it did wonders for making him pop. It gives me the vibe of a quiet evening campfire after a long day of boating on the lake, which is perfect.

Although I only have experience with senior portraits so far, I'm more than happy to take on family, engagement, or wedding portraits.

For rates and availability, send me a message through the "Contact" page or a DM on Instagram

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